Saturday, June 23, 2012

My Beautiful Bookshelves!

I love STAYcation...funtimes during the day...and a lot of wonderful things accomplished. Loverbrains installed my bookshelves! Yeah!!
They stop at this corner...we are still considering how to continue at this point.  We'd originally thought to wrap the shelves around and make a simple window seat.  (I've always wanted one!)  But, now that we realize that we are not in need of book shelving anytime soon...especially with Kindle book storage...we are thinking of a corner cupboard to store all of our board games.  AND...a window seat! 
We are all just loving's so cozy and elegant...and organized!!  Loverbrains is pumped...hopefully that momentum keeps him moving forward.
Now the rooms go together!  MMMMMmmmmm...I love my home!!



It is always so fun to love your home.

Pastor D said...

Good work, Darren! I hope you got some new tools out of the bargain!

Anonymous said...



Dad and Mom

Joyce said...

They turned out beautifully!