Wednesday, June 6, 2012

WFW: Taste and See

Do I feel about God's Word like I feel about...chocolate? 

I mean, I always want chocolate.  In the daytime...sometimes in the night time.  I think about how it tastes and smells.  I savor it!!

Do I taste and see that the LORD is good Really good...all.the.time...even when God doesn't tell me everything I want to know about the painful events of life.  After all, He has already told me all I need to know.  It's in His Word.

Is He my refuge?  A refuge is a source of help, relief, or comfort in times of trouble.  Perhaps, I'd rather eat a bar of chocolate than go to Him for these things...Instead of dealing with the yuck!

Just like chocolate is hard to put away...or just eat a few blocks of the should be my feelings about reading my Bible each day.  Not just one verse, or one passage.  Not just checking it off a list or thinking that's good enough.  Desiring it...not being able to "forget it's on the cupboard."  I read how much non-consequential fiction during summer reading...and how many books (even short books) of the Bible do I read?  Er, ouch. 

Hope my pondering hit you in either a sweet, milk chocolaty reminder way or a bitter, dark convicting way!  I think for's a bit of both.  I'm going to grab my Bible...and a square of chocolate!

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