Monday, June 18, 2012

Wedded Bliss

Well, as expected, it was a busy, crazy, wonderful weekend!  The in between times with family were SUPER special.  If you think about it, it's only at funerals and weddings that we get both sides (inlaws and outlaws) together at one time, in one place!  
Grandpa Denny getting special snuggles from his Sweet Grand Boobahs the morning of the wedding.
My camera did go on the trip...but it stayed in my bag.  I was too nervous and distracted to even contemplate taking pictures.  I was also kind of afraid I'd take a picture where I wasn't supposed to and get yelled at for too early reveals or something nutsy.  If it weren't for my fabulous cousin Paul's phone, you wouldn't even be enjoying these pictures now!  Thanks Paulie!
The second run through we realized that the VERY left-handed flower girl needed to switch hands with her basket.  I'm glad we realized this...because when the time came she was then able to throw flowers like a PRO...huge, fluttering hand-fulls!
The ring bearer, being a very practical, logical child, did not get the point of this whole ringbearer with fake rings business.  He questioned these points quite thoroughly with comments like, "If the rings aren't the real rings...then what am I doing this for?"...and "Well, I am the ringbearer, duh!"
He still did his nonsensical job...quite perfectly and VERY cutely!  I was so proud of them both...I got all choked up!  My sweet babies!!!


Michelle said...

You are right - funerals and weddings (sometimes anniversaries)-are the only times families seem to get together. Glad everything went well and you enjoyed it. I know what you mean about photos. I took photos at my nephew's wedding and annoyed the photographer. Won't be happening again.

Barbara H. said...

I have to smile at your son's very practical thoughts! Glad everything went well and you had some good visits.

heather said...

They did a GREAT job and it was nice to see you and the kids again and to meet your husband :)


Sweet. I would have gotten chocked up, as well.