Friday, June 1, 2012

Friday's Commercial

Yeah, communication is not the strong suit of our marriage.  In an effort to be strong and independent...I do not share what is bothering me.  I expect my husband to be a mind reader...which is so, so dumb. 

Then, when he does something very minorly annoying, I explode and very clearly communicate every.little.thing that has been bothering me for weeks.  I'd say months...but...that's just embarrassing.  I mean, much reality blogging can you take?

So, after my rather painful epiphany on how stupid this is...may I just make this little commercial to say... MAKE TIME FOR EACH OTHER!!   Make a date.  You'll either spend money on dates now, or counseling later.  HA!

So, I'm going on a date tonight...Happy weekend ya'll!



I am all for dates AND counseling.

Mary said...

Date Night :yay! Have a good time & enjoy yourself!