Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Quilt Camp 2012

Well, a real genius would have remembered her camera...but...anyhew...I had a BLAST!  I got this back from my brown bag switcheroo!  It's gorgeous.  I also learned many new things and...
...stayed up way to late.  Hey, have I shown you my sewing room?  It's GREAT...and the treadmill is doing just fine in the dark laundry room...hahaha!
This room has a great view of the backyard too!  Very handy if I want to sew and the Sweet Boobahs want to play.  NOTE:  Daddy goes "camping" with the kids while I got to quilt camp!  Hehehe!
SO many ideas floating through my head....where to start...where.to.start?!
I finally got to reveal my brown bag...I had my Aunt Bev!  She loved her quilt...even if I did scare her by making her think I used peach...a color she struggles to embrace!  HA!


Barbara H. said...

Quilt camp! I hadn't heard of it but it sounds neat!

I "struggle to embrace" peach, too -- to put it mildly. :-)

Anonymous said...

I am very impressed with your quilt room and cannot wait to see it in person! Quilt camp was a blast! Love, Mom