Thursday, January 24, 2013

My burning thoughts...

Recently, a house burned down on our quiet cul-de-sac.  I've been struck by so many things.  How we don't really know most of our the work days are long and the garage doors go down with a thud of separation. 

As it happens, I've been walking this particular road of conviction...and have struggled to get to know our neighbors.  I happened to know this woman was a Sister in Christ.  Knowing that practical needs probably didn't include a new Bible...I went and bought her one.  She stopped by after sifting over her sooty loss...and we cried together.  Hoping to be a blessing, instead I was blessed!  I found an amazing ALLY for the kingdom journey.  I was encouraged and amazed to see her walking so strongly.  I only hope I'd be the same.  She is seeing future opportunities for sharing of Christ's love and mercy!

More shocking still we discussed how far we are willing to walk on this road of obedience.  There's been a lot of "well, thank goodness no one was caught in the flames.  They all got out alive."  And to be sure, this is something to be SO thankful for.  But, as she so rightly pointed out...would we still be praising Him if all life was lost?...if only one survived?  Would God still be Sovereign...would all His ways still be perfect.  Even as I ask God to help me understand that this would be true...I beg not to be tested to those lengths.!

I'm currently reading some life changing books.  Books that I anticipate will change how I do things;  how I approach living counter culturally in a world of excess.  Living different from the world, yet deeply involved with the world...for the benefit of God's glory.  When I've got it all sorted out I'll make my "changes" and let ya know.  Don't worry...I think it'll be obvious. 

Funny, how God points out to me the others who are struggling with these "issues"...and how quickly I want to judge their hypocrisy.  In anger I point at those who spout on and on about the poor, freezing homeless and then in practically the same breath boast of their affluence.  Ugh. 

Then, I turn the finger back at myself...and God uses my study of His Word to convict my heart.  Oh, how like Lot I am.  Not seeing God's mercy and repeated chances to fully commit.  Instead begging to live closer to the world...expecting to not be sucked in...not standing for Truth.  If I continue without regarding this, will I come out as one who goes to heaven but smells of smoke.  As one who's righteous but as through flames.

I have other burning thoughts...but this is getting, I'll snuff out for today.

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Barbara H. said...

I have those same kinds of thoughts some times -- I know God is sovereign in any situation and has a purpose for whatever He allows but don't really want to be tested on it.