Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Unfavorite Bible Characters.

Boy, never...ever...think you have learned all you can from a passage of Scripture.  Don't think it's cut and dried...cuz it's active and living ya'll!

I have never really liked the Hagar/Sarai story in Genesis 17.  I have held back from 1 Pet. 3 for years because "You are her (Sarah's) daughters if you do what is right and do not give way to fear."  Uh...after Genesis 17 (and other times where she laughed at God's plan and lied for her husband) why would I want to be like her?... Due to this part of the story she's just manipulating God's plan...and her husband.  Then, there's Hagar, who I always felt got a rum deal and was also a bit brazen. Yeah, she's just so totally the best of both worlds.  NOT!

Then...I did my favorite Bible study this week...and it was as if God took the chapter and whapped me upside the head.  Ha....sometimes He needs to this with me!  Yeah, I'm like them...both of them.  The Sarah part I was ready to accept...I mean, if God puts her in that "mother" position I'll try to swallow it...but Hagar...Seriously!?

The question that splashed my coffee was, "why was Hagar unhappy?"  Oh, let me count the justified reasons!  I was so ready to defend her unhappiness...OUCH!  just like I'm so ready to blame my own unhappiness and SIN on other people's awful actions and behavior.  Just like I'm not willing to bow my PRIDE and be a SERVANT. 

Oh, how I'd like to run away from some of my difficult people situations...but just like Hagar...God would SEE me!  REALLY really see me!  My motives...my un-bowed, not servant-ness.  Yeah, the grammar's really flowing...I know...work with me people!  

The issues aren't always THE ISSUE.  I must trust God to deal with the bigger issues (ie. other people's sin) and I need to focus on my own attitude and heart being right before Him.

This really hurts my feelings.  Sniff sniff.  I'd really rather run away.  But, as God so patiently points out when he says "STAY"...there are things He needs to teach me where I am.  And just like with Hagar and Sarai...there are blessings I will miss if I rush ahead of God.  I do not want to dilute the best God has for me....by my impatience, my pride or my lack of trust in how He works out those perfect plans for me.  Perfect plans.

Oh Dear Lord,
Help me trust you.  Help me keep seeing myself in my least favorite Bible characters so that I can learn what they learned about how very awesome You are!  Thank you that you are El Roi...the God Who Sees Me!  Thank you for loving and blessing me when I buck against you and your best for me.  

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