Thursday, September 12, 2013

Thrifty Thursday!

My Mom recently gifted me with some felted wool sweaters...She KNOWS me!! So, what I couldn't squeeze into, ahem...I decided to chop up...for fun!!

First, I cut off the sleeves of this lovely wool Tommy sweater. *NOTE* save every will want them later...
Then, I fold it in half and find the center of the chest...(DON'T go lower than the armpits or your straps will look me.) Turn it inside out and sew the bottom shut with one long straight line...TWICE for strength!!
Now, use your collar trimmings to make a rose...just play with it til it looks right then sew with needle and thread (or hot glue!)...VOILA!
The leftover scraps I'm still saving...I'm think another stuffed owl!  

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