Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Tune Tuesday: Build Your Kingdom Here!

I love the lyrics to this song. Frankly, it's the prayer of my heart. I get choked up singing it.

Lest the video surprise you...open your minds and read up on Rend Collective's Irish heritage...
Here's the write up to help you understand their thoughts in the creative process:

Filmed on location in Ireland in Rend Collective’s unique style, this ambitious video is a carnival of color, diversity and energy. It encapsulates everything from a duo of fire-breathers to a fully uniformed military brass section, from a pair of stilt-walking jugglers to a live horse, and more. Rend Collective’s now trademark expression of joy and vitality is once again displayed with kaleidoscopic visuals while simultaneously reflecting a poignant message for the church. 

 “We wanted to communicate something of the truth that the Kingdom of God is an inclusive, welcoming and diverse community - there are no outsiders; we are the church,” says Rend Collective vocalist Chris Llewellyn. “It’s significant politically for us that the video is filmed half in the North and half in the South of Ireland, given our history of conflict. We think it’s a beautiful picture of unity.” 

Here are the lyrics:
Come set Your rule and reign 
In our hearts again 
Increase in us we pray  
Unveil why we're made  
Come set our hearts ablaze with hope  
Like wildfire in our very souls  
Holy Spirit come invade us now  
We are Your Church  
We need Your power 
In us
We seek Your kingdom first  
We hunger and we thirst  
Refuse to waste our lives 
For You're our joy and prize  
To see the captive hearts released 
The hurt, the sick, the poor at peace  
We lay down our lives for heaven's cause  
We are Your church  
We pray revive 
This earth
Build Your kingdom here  
Let the darkness fear  
Show Your mighty hand  
Heal our streets and land  
Set Your church on fire  
Win this nation back  
Change the atmosphere  
Build Your kingdom here  
We pray
Unleash Your kingdoms power  
Reaching the near and far  
No force of hell can stop  
Your beauty changing hearts  
You made us for much more than this  
Awake the kingdom seed in us 
Fill us with the strength and love of Christ  
We are Your church  
We are the hope 
On earth

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Anonymous said...

This is very good -- we are the church -- and it looks different everywhere, in every time and place. Love, Mom D.