Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Green Hodgepodge!!

1. Share a favorite song, book, or movie title containing the word green?
Green eggs and Ham by Dr. Suess.  I love songs by Keith Green...especially this one I shared yesterday! 
2. Ralph Waldo Emerson is quoted as saying, 'Shallow men believe in luck. Strong men believe in cause and effect.' Would you agree? Are you a believer in luck?
I'm more a believer in Providence.
3. Spring water, Hot Springs, handspring, spring fling, spring break, spring fever, offspring...which 'spring' word best applies to something in your day, week, or life right now?
Spring break and offspring.  With my littlest offspring being hospitalized last week (read about it here) I sort of lost track of time and now find that Spring break is fast approaching.  I think we will just make a few trips to see grandparents...low key and relaxing. 
4. What's something you do to make yourself look or feel more confident?
Wear good makes me feel put together and ready to face the outside world.  I know there's a whole opinion regarding makeup being a "putting on of a mask between you and the world" but I think I'm pretty "real."  It just makes me feel pretty, confident and prepared for working and caring for others.
5.  It's National Celery Month...are you a fan? If so, what's a snack or dish you enjoy that calls for celery?
I cook with celery...mostly in soups and I put celery seed/salt on roasts.  The kids take celery and carrots plain in their lunchboxes.  It has to be fresh...if it gets old it can be awfully bitter.  Ew.
6. What's one thing you wish you'd learned sooner?
I couldn't pick one...
"Be nice to yourself.  It's hard to be happy when someone's mean to you all the time." 
"Be selective in your battles for sometimes peace is better than being right."
"The example we set for our kids--How to act when things don't go our way--is much, much more important than the rules we set for them."  ~Leo Babauta
7. Would you like to own a second home? If so where would you want that home to be?
From everything I've heard about what a nightmare it is in old age and just watching my grandparents dealing with it now...I think I'll say no!  Locations for extended vacations...someplace with a private beach.
8.  Insert your own random thought here.
Thank you for praying for Caleb.  He went back to school...very pale, skinny and very excited.  I'm a bit nervous and thinking he won't quite make it through a full school day.  I know some of you were wondering...he had gastroparesis with emesis.  Basically, a terrible virus he had in February stunned his bowel...pretty much stopping it.  And so he couldn't get anything through and it upset his stomach so he'd throw up.  This went on and off for three weeks until he had PAIN and couldn't keep water down.  We spent four days at the children's hospital...and now he's home with meds to take care of nausea, pain, acid and motility.  Loverbrains made me a spreadsheet so I can keep track of dosages.'s a bit stressful. 


Joyce said...

So glad to hear your little guy is back to school. It's frightening the way kids can go from seemingly perfectly fine to really sick in what feels like minutes. Happy he's on the mend now!

A Joyful Chaos said...

How could have forgotten the book Green Eggs and Ham when I read to my son!

Lea said...

Thank you so much for stopping by and your sweet comments.

Oh, so sorry about your little man and aren't spread sheets a life saver at times.

Enjoyed your answer to #6 as well, it's always so interesting to read the various answers on HP.

Wishing you a wonderful rest of the week!

Barbara H. said...

Poor Caleb - and Mom! Glad he is on the mend now.

I am so glad we can believe in a good and providential God rather than blind luck.

One home is more than enough to keep up with most of the time.

Simply Linda said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog (and I just realized you had two diff blogs)--keeping your son in prayer. Great answers to the Hodgepodge. Blessings

Kathy said...

Thanks for stopping by today!
I love (and agree with) the things you wish you'd learned sooner :)
Glad your little guy is feeling better, hope the trend continues :) Stomach issues can be tough to deal with, especially for extended periods of time.

Life SPW said...

Thank you for stopping by my blog page and leaving a comment re: my friend. Good news about Caleb. I'll add his name to my prayer list.