Saturday, November 15, 2008

Bathroom Redo...

Well, this would be a lot more interesting if I could find the before pictures that I'd taken for ya'll but watcha gonna do? Just imagine blue and white striped wallpaper done by a drunk! The drywall was damaged because they stuck the wallpaper directly to the walls are now Olympic Drifting Dune with a neato crackle texture! HA!

Notice our turtle toy catcher....he totally rocks! Got him at Meijer for under $10. The wall art in white I got at Goodwill for a dollar each. The curtain I got at Walmart.

This white cabinet we got at Lowe's at the end of season sale for 75% off the 25% price. We paid something like $12 for it when it was all said and done! We bought it two years ago when I originally had this crazy plan!

Here's a closer shot of my Goodwill art and the light cover that was here when we moved in!

Emma and I made this fishy art! Tissue paper and Elmer's glue with some water and paint brushes! Lots of messy fun! I made the Jesus loves me piece too! Awww!

So, Grandma...we are all set for you to visit for Christmas. We even have a towel rack for you to use now! Wah hoo!

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