Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Tuesday Twilight Review...

Well, I succumbed to the hype and got on the waiting list for "Twilight" by Stephanie Meyer. The movie just came out...and that always sort of "cools my desire." The reviews weren't very good. I talked to a librarian friend of mine and she said she read them all in one week. I generally share her taste in books so had her put me on the list.

So, to my surprise the book was already available from the library. I started it...big mistake. It was so enthralling that I couldn't put it down. I read it all in ONE DAY! And, just for the record...it is really really mean to put the first chapter of the next book at the end like that!!!

So, my review...obviously, I liked it. I haven't seen the movie...and probably won't. Generally, I'm a BIG movie snob--when it comes from a good book. My saying is something like...Read the BOOK!! Case in point...Prince Caspian. Ugh...kissing....argh!

Just a piece of advice (for myself and others)...don't start reading this unless you really have the time. Otherwise, the laundry doesn't get done, the kids don't get attention, etc. etc. Ha ha ha! Thankfully, my husband really loves me and shares my passion for books! It all worked out...he went upstairs and got some finances and paperwork done!

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