Sunday, November 2, 2008

Marriage Monday...

"The Grace of Christian Marriage"

As I was thinking through this topic, I asked my husband to define grace for me. He said, "it's undeserved favor." I like that definition. I've also heard it referred to as unmerited favor...God's sufficiency...God's fullness. As Christians we realize that God's grace is indeed undeserved. "Amazing Grace, how sweet the sound...that saved a wretch like me." But not only are we saved by the grace of God--we also serve the Lord and live the Christian life by the grace of God. Because we realize how important God's grace is to us...and hopefully being humbled by this thought...we bring that grace into our marriages.

1 Pet. 4:8, "Love deeply because love covers a multitude of sins...vs. 10 administering God's grace in its various forms." I was drawn into this passage and back tracked to chapter three. There it talks about a wife's conduct being

...pure and reverent



...humble to live in harmony

...returning insult with blessing!

Wow...that's pretty challenging stuff. So, how do those things play out in my Christian marriage? Well, I've got a lot to work on but by God's grace

...I'm still working at it

...for His Glory!


MiPa said...

Thanks for sharing. I am so glad God gives us the grace to keep working at it.

Susan said...

Amen, this was really good.

Thanks for sharing today♥

Andrea said...

MomE, you're not working on this "grace project" alone! It is a very tall order, but as you said, we can do this if we seek His help. The passage of scripture you referenced was perfect!

Thanks for posting. I enjoyed visiting you today.

Bobbi said...

I saw your name on another blog and had to check it out. My name is Bobbi also. Do you like your name? I really don't like it for me. Your blog is really cute. Why do you have a gluten free breadmaker? Does someone in your household have autism? Check out my blog sometime if you want. Bobbi

Denise said...

This was very nice sweetie.

e-Mom said...

Amen. A good list of things to work on for all of us.

Blessings, e-Mom @ Chrysalis

Constance said...

Undeserved favor...The word favor really struck a chord with me when I read that! One of the meanings in Websters Dictionary is "To treat with partiality". Favor is all about position and benefits.

Just think where we once were before we came to Christ?! We had no position and God couldn't even look upon us let alone bestow anything to us! This is what we deserved and yet...

Through Christ I have been made co-heirs with Him! What a concept!

The Surrendered Scribe said...

Challenging but with God, all things are possible. Thanks for this great post, it was great food for thought!