Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Voting Victory!

I'm so grateful for my husband's support. He went with me to vote this morning.

Now, that might seem like no big deal to some of you. It means a lot to me. Dealing with the two kids alone wouldn't have been fun.

We waited an hour and a half!

We live in a large precinct...go us!

We could have split it up...him go in the morning...me at night...but we wouldn't see each other at all...and the bigger reason...we want them to know this is important.

Emma was very excited to go vote. We even taught her a little cheer....

"No bama, No bama, NO!...GO MCCAIN!"

I said I was going to have her tell it to the exit poll people but we ran out of time. So sad! Some of you may be in shock...yes, this is a partisan post. Gasp!

Oh well, you'll live!

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Liam said...

We do the same thing... our kids help us fill out our ballots...

Unfortunately we voted the opposite of what you did... =) our kids had a song too! "Obama is awesome... O-O-Obama!