Friday, December 4, 2009

Caffeinated Randomness: How Bizarre, how bizarre...

I'm happily caffeinated...and excited to be with all the caff, half caff and decaf gals again! Today we were instructed to share our most bizarre ornament(s). We're supposed to take pictures and 'splain why we possess these jewels in our collections!
I should start by saying that I LOVE all my Christmas stuff...especially our new Willowtree nativity...that's growing slowly each year.

This year we gained the shepherds, some sheep and the CAMEL. Seriously, that's bizarre...and in my humble opinion a marketing ploy to get you to buy the wise men.

And ya'll know...I have issues with the wise men being at my manger scene...I've already planned for them to be on the bookshelf across the room (which is a two to three year journey for all those interested, ha ha) I was going to leave the camel in the box...but my Loverbrains thought he was cute and felt bad for now he's off to the side...I've decided he belongs to the innkeeper! How bizarre!?
Also bizarre is the use of many decorations from our wedding. We were married Dec. 21st ...almost six years ago. Yeah! I figure it's sort of odd to use things from one's wedding each year...but very cool too...right?!
Okay, I think my most bizarre ornament is this noodle angel. She's made of four types of pasta...bow tie (wings), penne (body), elbow mac (arms), and that Stelline (hair)...a tiny bit of ribbon, music, glue and a wooden ball...and VOILA...a noodle angel. A tad bizarre but pretty cute!!
I get a kick out of this bizarre little melting snowman each year. I should make some more and send them to my Southern relatives. He he he!

Every time I hear the word bizarre I start singing this song...which I know nothing about so had to look up the lyrics to make sure it's er, kosher...I didn't really understand them but there wasn't any I thought I'd include the imeem link in case any of ya'll wanna bop along while reading this...hehehe! Have a very Merry and BIZARRE week!!

How Bizarre - OMC


Anonymous said...

Oh I love your nativity scene! Those figurines are really unique and quite beautiful, aren't they? Before I could appreciate them, my Father in Law bought me a set after having my first child and I thought them bizarre (I mean, come on, they're FACELESS). But now I appreciate them much more and think they're rather beautiful. In any event, I gave the set to my mom who appreciated them much more than me.

I also love your noodle's cute and rather creative if you ask me! :) Thanks for sharing! I am loving this!!

Lauren said...

a noodle angel and a melted snowman... yep - I'd say that's bizzare!! hahaha :)

I love our Willow Tree Nativity set too! My grandmother got it for us over the course of 3 years -- we just completed the set last year! ( I thought it was weird that the camel came with the shepherds too!)

Karen said...

I must be bizarre because I like all your ornaments!

crittyjoy said...

A noodle angel and a melting snowman...yep....bizarre! My brother cannot stand the Willow Tree items because they do not have faces... and last year my Mum and I bought my sister in law the whole set...HA!

Barbara H. said...

We got married on Dec. 21, too! We're coming up on 30 years. Our colors were blue and silver.

Last year I did a post on "misfit ornaments" that we keep around even though they're...odd.

Love the melting snowman!

Michelle said...

I love the melting snowman and I vote that you should send them to your Southern Relatives. :) I also love your song.

Anonymous said...

I don't find decorating with your wedding ornaments odd at all - what a beautiful way to celebrate Christmas AND your marriage!

The faceless thing disturbs me a bit on the nativity set, but I like 'em. I didn't realize you had to buy them individually. That's probably why I don't have them!

Brookie said...

How special that you were married around Christmas. Was a beautiful double-way to celebrate the glorious season each year.

I love that Mary is holding baby Jesus. Beautiful.

Kayren, Pink Daisy Girl said...

I have a noodle angel, but she's AWOL this year. We quit opening boxes since we were running out of room on the tree...maybe she's there.

I think I may have the same book you made the cross-stitch ornament from (of course I'm too lazy to go look). EXCEPT that I'm so much older than you that it's possible you have a much later book that is similar, OR you got it at a yard sale or passed down. I wonder how long it will bother me until I go look?

I can't go back and look at your post without losing my comment so far, but do you put Jesus in your manger scene before Christmas day? We keep him out and put him in after the kids go to bed on Christmas eve.

We admire the Willow Tree nativity every year but haven't bought a bit of it.

Karen said...

Your nativity scene is beautiful.

And how creative is that noodle angel! Sounds like a great Christmas craft to do with the kiddos! I might just do that. Thanks for the idea!

Hope you have a wonderful week!