Thursday, December 10, 2009

Frugal Friday on Thursday!

Just to keep you on your's Thursday...but I'm feeling frugal. Speaking of expressions...I've had a killer headache today...and was taking a break lying on the couch trying to get a grip on the pain...and my little people were crawling all over my body...cuz they were worried about MomE...and my baby girl decided to be my Dr.

She was poking and prodding me...and then she plunked her dress up shoes on my stomach. I laughed and asked what they were for...and she said, "They're to keep you on your toes!" HAHAHA...she must have heard that expression somewhere...and is trying to make sense of it. I loved it!

I decided to re-purpose a sweater and some scraps from Loverbrain's shirts to make Bible bags for the kids for church. Caleb desperately wants a "purse" to carry his bible and "money for Jesus" on Sundays. I've been putting them in a ziplock baggie but he's not satisfied and neither am I.

My Mom got this sweater for Emmer...and it was too she gave me permission to chop it up! Eeek!
Do you like my little rose with leaves. Okay, I've never done that be nice!
I sewed the bottom inside and then outside. Just for the record, felted angora doesn't like to be sewn through the machine. You have to push it!
Isn't it so cute...and snuggly. I was telling her how it could keep her hands warm too! Neat!
NEXT, I used the two side panels of a shirt, the pocket from another shirt, and some random scrap pieces. I chopped around a CD to get the size I wanted for the bag...I know, how original and er, crafty of me!
Isn't it adorable? I'm glad it looks masculine...
AND...what are the odds...the buttons matched up and buttoned! HA HA ....I totally didn't do that on purpose. That's so funny...when I try to match things they won't...hehehe!


Anonymous said...

I love both bags!! I haven't been brave enough to chop up the sweaters I bought when we went junking yet! Caleb's bag is adorable and what a bonus to have the buttons line up! Is he satisfied now?

crittyjoy said...

Those are so adorable! And what a fun idea :)

Kayren, Pink Daisy Girl said...

Very, very cute! Love them!