Friday, May 7, 2010

Caffeinated Randomness: Allergy Sickly Style...

Well, this ought to be good, eh...I mean my randomness is always better on medication and with a head full of fluff. *Hey, I heard that snickering...thinking my heads always full of fluff...BE NICE!*

My first random thought came to me in my sick introverted state. Yes, my sick state is my only quiet and introverted state...hahaha! Anyhew, I was thinking how people say that you should learn to get along with those difficult personality types...cuz they'll keep popping up in your life. Well, there are few supposed difficult people that I've gotten really close to in the last few years. I should say that I initially judged them as prickly, eccentric, pushy, domineering, etc. etc. It's definitely been a growing experience and not always pleasant...but they are some loyal friends in the long run. Sort of figured out that I AM ONE! HA! What I didn't anticipate was that other people (nicer people) would shy away as friends due to my new difficult acquaintances. Huh...who knew? This is probably, in a large way, why I detest Facebook and the whole social turmoil it brings me. Best *sign off* I ever did...FREEDOM!

Next, for some random reason I decide to do projects when I'm sick. Last time I had a cold I made the kids all new playdoh. I must not think clearly or can disillusion myself just enough to get things under way. Around naptime today I found myself busily (and quite happily, I might add) sewing two matching shirred dresses for me and my sweet baby girl. We'll be matchy on Mother's Day and for our Mother/Daughter tea.

Random truth, I was all ready to sew one pattern when our washing machine broke a few months ago. I was interrupted multiple times and messed up multiple times and then decided it wasn't going to happen this year. And then somewhere in my allergic introverted thoughts I realized she wouldn't want to match clothes with me for many more years. And then I was at JoAnn's buying fabric...sigh...Well, they're cute...and I have nothing else done today.

Last, I'm growing sweet tomato plants (and peppers and herbs) and totally STRESSING over ever change of weather and storm threat. We're promised major thunderstorms this evening with possible hail. BUT the winds are HOW do I cover them?? I tied garbage bags to the racks...thinking it'll create a barrier to the hail. Maybe. Then tomorrow night we're supposed get a light I'll need to cover them but I'm actually going on a date with Loverbrains...and I don't think I should ask the babysitter to cover you? HAHAHA!

Last random HAPPY thought...I'm getting a NICE new vacuum tomorrow. Loverbrains promised. Our cheapo bagless mold heap has crossed me for the LAST TIME! No, that's not where we're going on our date. He's taking me to dinner. Any suggestions for a romantic (not break the bank) yummy place?

Well, I hope you got a chuckle out of my sick time, rarely introverted randomness! Have a great weekend ya'll!



Anonymous said...

Oh dear! I hope you feel better soon! What a fun idea with the dresses...and oh so sweet. You two will be the belles of the tea :)

Have a wonderful weekend and Happy Mother's Day!

Anonymous said...

I've been dizzy for two days as I try not to get a migraine. You should see the stuff floating around in my brain! :P I hope you feel better soon!

alihsee said...

Aw, matchy matchy dresses sound so cute :) You'll have to post a piccy! I hope you feel better soon and might I say, that coffee picture looks absolutely fantastic!!!!

Happy weekends!

Jennifer said...

I think it's adorable that you and you sweet baby girl are going to be matching tomorrow!! AWW! :)

I hope the storms didn't bring hail upon your plants!

Yeah for a new vacuum... that sounds awesome! I love to vacuum! :)

Denise Fath said...

Hope you feel better in time for Mother's Day!

And it's very impressive you can sew while sick. I was sick yesterday and was just laying around like a useless blob =)

A very happy Mother's Day to you Bobbi!