Friday, May 13, 2011

Bluebirds, Wrens, Robins, & Falcons....Oh My!!

This Spring has been wonderful for birdwatching...

I've had Bluebirds, which are incidentally HARD to catch on camera!  They have babies now....and are house cleaning and hunting with great blue flutters!  Can you see the one in this picture??

I have cheeky and mean little Wrens.  They built a nest in my hanging plant...which is actually a relief to me because they are VERY aggressive and I don't want them pecking my Bluebirds out of their box.
I have a Robin can see it better from my son's room...but the camera couldn't.  Do you see the nest in the middle of the picture?  I'm thinking their babies should hatch VERY soon...I'm hoping for some blue egg shells to collect!!  If my stupid silly dog doesn't eat them first.  Scruffy thinks she's a cow or something...and is eating lots of grass, dandelion tops, and as many helicopters as she can hold before throwing them up.  Dogs are weird...*sigh*
I also have Cardinals a plenty...and I watched a Peregrine Falcon eating a Mourning Dove in the early morning for breakfast.  I thought it was snowing under my mulberry, I got my binoculars and realized it was feathers.  I snuck out back and *pop* the Falcon's head came up and he looked right at me with feathers all over his head...and then he flew away in disgust..."Really, can't even eat breakfast in peace around here...crazy birder lady!"


Barbara H. said...

I need to get a basic bird book. I know we have a cardinal family and blue jays, but I am not sure what the rest are.

Blue jays can be mean, too. Once we had a nest of very small birds on our front porch, and one day a blue jay was up there pecking at them. :-(

Joyce said...

I'm jealous of your bluebirds...they're so pretty and we don't have them here. We have lots of wonderful birds though...we had to take our feeder down in the winter because it attracts hungry bears. We have a huge hawk that lives high up in a tree on our property. He is amazing!