Friday, May 27, 2011

Caffeinated Randomness: Iced Coffee Bribery and Packing Techniques

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I'm actually joining my Loverbrains on a super water kick challenge.  We are each attempting to drink two quarts of water a day.  That's a lot of water.  I bribe myself with iced coffee.  If I drink all my water...I get my afternoon coffee (or Coke).  If I'm a bad girl and don' sad for me.  *Sniff, sniff.*  It's a good thing this isn't a competition because Loverbrains would be winning.  He says it's cuz he sits in a million meetings and needs to stay awake.  HA!

With humid temperatures was time to re-institute the afternoon tradition for iced coffee anyway.  The simplicity of it always surprises me.  I remember feeling super silly when I was inspired by Joanne's AZ coffee bar...and I wrote to ask her for the "recipe"...She was so sweet cuz she didn't say..."DUH, Bobbi!"  It's so simple...some crushed/cubed ice...a bit of creamer...a bit of sweetner...filled up with coffee...YUMMO!

Randomly noted:  Joanne is doing fabulously.  She is home!  There are still lots of will forever be changed...and she still needs PRAYER.  So, don't stop praying or forget about her.

I'm busily packing for our Memorial Day visitations...I realized that I'm not a counting packer.  I don't count the days and say..."I need three sets of undies, three sets of socks, etc."   Nope, I'm a detail packer...I think through each day individually.  That way, I think through every detail..."how do I need to be dressed for activities on that day," etc.  Loverbrains is a counting packer.  So, being his loving, bubbly wife...I ask him about his missing details...Did you pack dark socks for Sunday?  A tie and belt?

I shall attempt to explain, lest you think I'm odd...hahaha...right you're reading this blog so nevermind on that one...

I'm thinking about this because I'm teaching Emmer-bean to pack her own clothes.  I am teaching her to be a detail packer, of course.  "Okay, we will be there how many days (pointing on the calendar)...Okay, you'll need traveling clothes....set those out first.  Okay, now that first day with will be'll need clothes for that.  Don't forget your jammies for that night.  No, you'll wear the same pair each night.  Okay, now the next day....etc."

I've gone your whole life without this earth shattering, caffeinatedly random, helpful advice.  Hehehe...Have a great weekend ya'll...Remember to take a moment and....REMEMBER!  Freedom isn't FREE...


Barbara H. said...

I think I must be some combination of the two. I do think through the "how many days/how many undies" aspect but also what types of activities we'll be going to.

Good for you for staring them packing early. I don't think mine did til they were teens and then because they wanted to. And then I peppered them with scores of "Did you remember....." this and that questions. Poor guys.

Joyce said...

I love iced coffee. It has mostly been too cool here for 'iced' but we're finally warming up now.

I am a detail packer. Both of my girls make extremely detailed lists of what to pack before packing. Hmmm...where did they get that idea?

Enjoy the weekend!