Wednesday, May 11, 2011 it thrills me!

My Loverbrains has just returned from another LLOOOOONNGGG trip...a trip that I didn't know if I was going to survive or not... the last day, as I awaited his return...I killed some time by organizing my vast stack of Real Simple favorite-st ever...This is about a year's worth...and don't look at me like that...I already gave away a whole other year's worth!  Yup, *pat myself on the back*...I was pretty proud of myself too.
So, this massive year pile.... now down to this little pile.  Mostly, I save great stories, book lists, and recipes.
AND...Real Simple is SO COOL...cuz they sent me this little solutions organizer for the pieces I chose to save!!  Hehehe!  Oh, how nerdily this thrills me!
So, what do you save out of your magazines...or do you save the whole magazine...? 


Jen said...

I save the recipes and ideas and recycle the rest! Glad your husband is home.

Barbara H. said...

That solutions organizer would have been great when I was getting their magazine.

I pull articles from magazines theoretically to file them away, but I have to confess sometimes they sit in to-be-filed status for....a very long time.

I do save a few whole magazines if they have a great lot of stuff I want to keep.

bekahcubed said...

How nice to whittle down a pile like that!

I don't receive magazines, but I occasionally check them out of the library. If there's an item or article I want to refer to, I scan it and save it on my computer for a later date. That way, I can take the magazine back to the library with no waste and no paper mess to try to keep organized at home.