Monday, June 10, 2013

Hear it on Sunday, Use it on Monday!

Sometimes it doesn't matter if you've heard the story before. In fact, I'm pretty sure that the comment that Pastor said that made me cry yesterday, wasn't aimed at me at all. Funny how the Holy Spirit and God's Word are so effective that way.  Able to split the joints and marrow.  Sharp like a sword.

Man, do I see how people get upset with Pastors.  Poor guys probably aren't even thinking of you...they're just speaking what God laid on their hearts...and people accuse them of spying on them or addressing their sins in public.  HA!

The Scripture:  Luke 19...Parable of the the Ten Servants.

We are here for a purpose.  We have a responsibility to invest the gospel into lives.  We are to do the Lord's business.  Evangelism...share your testimony. others get back up when they fall.  Don't be blown about.  GROW UP!  Col. 3:16.  Okay, Pastor didn't exactly say "grow up" but it was close. Lol!

We've all been given the privilege of serving God.  If we see His gifts as valuable and from the King himself that should make us try our hardest.  We've all been given same opportunities (NO COMPARING!)

When the King returns we will all give an account.  1 Cor. 3:11...we're all building but will it last?  What are you doing with your free time was challenged.  Ouch.

The result of our service to the king will vary.  Sounds like a commercial, right?  Results may vary!  I must be faithful to what I have been called to do.  I will be rewarded according to my faithfulness.  (It's not a competition!!No quitting cuz really you've been competing and found wanting so now you're gonna pull back from ministries and pout.  Ouchity ouch ouch!

Failure to serve exposes the heart.  The wicked servant accuses God of being cruel and unloving.  Do I view God this un-pleasable?  Do I care WAY too much what people think??

UNDERSTAND:  His graciousness in even given the gift (salvation).  And when we use what we've been given (share it, walk in it, etc.)...He gives more (blessings, comfort, encouragement, wisdom...).

Stop wasting opportunities to serve Him.


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