Monday, June 24, 2013

Methinks Monday: Anger

The archaic-sounding verb methinks, meaning it seems to me...seemed a cute way to share some serious stuff I've been pondering. A little levity with the gravity!

I was recently reading a convicting book written by a well respected theologian.  This book is painfully I want to throw it across the room except this book tells me that I really need to repent of my unreasonable, unteachable anger.  Sigh...haha!  And...there's a whole chapter on critical spirits and judgmental, I guess I should tread softly on disagreeing with him.  I don't disagree...per se...I just think he overstated his point.

Methinks we should be honest with God regarding our anger...even anger towards God Himself.

The theologian didn't like the comment, "It's okay to be angry at God. He's a big boy. He can handle it." I assume it's because they were told it's okay.  But...if we are to deal with anger towards God we can't be shamed into stuffing it, or so worried about its obvious blasphemy, that we don't deal with it openly with God. I think we forget...He already knows out deepest feelings...even better than we could ever express them. Frankly, before a word is on our lips.

Methinks open and honest prayer will bring a true believer to God's character. 

We won't be able to bring any anger towards God for letting us down... when seeing and admitting His Sovereignty. We won't be able to say He's against us ...if we acknowledge His Faithfulness. And we won't be able to say He rewarded a life of service unjustly with cancer or pain... Instead, honest, Character searching prayer will make us see Jesus suffering for our sins so we wouldn't be doomed to suffer in hell forever.

Methinks fear of dealing with anger towards God leads to additional anger issues... like resentment and bitterness which are even more devastating than the original problem.

Now, make no mistake...the reason anger towards God is blasphemous is because it's a moral judgment that accuses God of sinning against us, through neglect or unfair treatment. It accuses God of sinning.  Totally agree with Mr. Theologian on this point!! 


Methinks we should be gentle with those dealing with this serious issue lest they misunderstand God's ability to forgive.

I do not think it's okay to be angry with God...but too intense a reprimand may keep people from honesty in prayer. Instead, as with most issues, we should point to His character. It's so outstanding that we can't go wrong.

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