Thursday, June 20, 2013

Nekkid House Update

Well, I'm about halfway through THIS challenge...and it turns out that it's kind of hard for me to keep my house nekkid. I'm a born fluffer. So, let the confessions begin...

-I use my pyrex bowls to make fresh fruit decoration...yes, I do!!
My two new cookie cutters didn't get put away until Christmas...nope, they are showing off in the kitchen!  I'm so glad that my pyrex bowls and straws have color...phew...I'd be comepletely crazy by now.  Sometimes my eye twitches cuz I'm working so hard to not fluff my poor cold nekkid house.
And, biggest confession...this new plaque with fabulously put, yet painful saying....Nope, I couldn't wait. Hey, both kids are home, my schedule is nutsy...I NEED this reminder ya'll!!!
I had to chuckle the other day when a friend came over for coffee. She tried and tried but couldn't decide what was different. She thought I'd painted. HAHA! She's pretty observant so that surprised me.

I'm already counting down the days til I can put out stuff without guilt. I'm thinking "just three things per room" or some such rule might be in order. Maybe, only things patriotic? 

What thinkest thou?


Anonymous said...

Only patriotic? Cheat -- lots of your stuff is patriotic!! But it works for me. Don't think I would've taken this challenge - it'd take forever to get started as you know! Love ya, Mom D.

Joyce said...

I think there's probably a balance out there. My sister in law has a 'nekkid' house and while its gorgeous, sometimes I find myself thinking, 'Where is your stuff?' Stuff (not too much of it!) lets our guests see a glimpse of who we are. Put out your patriotic 'stuff'...three items per room sounds very reasonable to me.