Monday, August 19, 2013

If You Give A Mom a Monday...

...she'll recap the weekend Hello Kitty party she threw for her sweet baby girl.

We started with some glittery, pink letter making!  Woo woo!!!
Then we "pinned the bow on the Kitty"...
...played a rousing game of "pink cup races"...
...and "hot potato Kitty!"

We then had cake, ice cream and present opening!!!!
We even had some time for dress up and playing together!
Overall, a delightful party...Great helpers (thanks to my MIL) and just the right size! Not sure I want to do a party every year...but it went just fine. Hello Kitty temporary tattoos were GREAT prizes...and all the kids went home happily covered in them!! LOL! Best of all my sweet 8 year old was VERY happy!!

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Barbara H. said...

That looks like a very fun and creative party!

I had one friend who gave her kids birthday parties every third year, and her kids were spaced apart such that there was one party for one of them each year. Always thought that was a great idea but don't know if we could have followed it - you never know what circumstances are going to be like each year. And kids are so different - my oldest was content with just the family and maybe one or two friends, but my youngest wanted a party every year.