Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Tuesday Tute: Vanity Table & Area

I've had this pretty, antique-mirrored vanity for at least a year now. It's been cluttered and crazy. I've had ideas but finally put them into action this week! I knew I needed a good way to organize my jewelry and make up without blocking all the reflective glass.  I also had some old mirrors I wanted to display on the walls!
I used 3M hooks and a ruler to make my necklace wall. I am LOVING it. Ahhhh...organization! The fabric wasn't quite big enough to go all the way around...so (shhhh) I cheated and put a cream panel in the back to make it work!  Hehehe!

I found a great tutorial for skirting a vanity table HERE...I loved this lady...she was a real person...and not trying to be all "perfectly scripted and professional"...I love this cuz it made me not feel so intimidated!!  I'd find myself wanting to meet her...since I watched this a couple of million times before actually doing it!  HA!

I'm glad I finally completed this project. I plan to add some verses about "seeing in a mirror dimly but someday face to face" and others scattered around the mirrors on the walls.

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