Saturday, August 3, 2013

Sew Saturday: Tube Top Pillowcase Dress!

I got this light yellow tube top for a dollar at a garage sale. It has slightly raised polka dots on it and I thought it was sweet. 

The vintage pillow case 'set' was another dollar at Goodwill.  (I'd already used one pillowcase to make a little pillowcase for my Grandpa's neck pillow.) 

 I was feeling crafty...mwahaha...and thought it'd make a cute dress for Emmer-bean.
She was NOT thrilled with how the tube top felt inside (rough) and when she tried it on we realized it was seriously see-through. Yikes.
So, I remembered this remaining solo vintage pillow case...and I cut it open along it's seams after hacking four inches off the side. I made two straps and 'lined" the tube top with the remaining pillowcase.

I pulled up about three inches in the front to form a more modest neck line. Then I tied a bow in the back leaving the pillowcase's original hem ends. 

I liked that it showed it's original re-purposed-full-ness!
She's excited to wear it to a wedding we're attending.


Anonymous said...

Cute dress on a cute little girl.

Love and kisses,

Grandma W.

Pastor D said...

Very nice! Very summery!


Alok Tiwari said...

little girl is looking like a angle.very sweet dress i liked this tube top dress .

tube top said...

very cute girl so sweet