Saturday, July 19, 2014

Sew Saturday Bonus Edition!

I realized that in an effort to keep this baby quilt a secret I never posted pictures of it. So, BONUS Sew Saturday! Go you!! I know Sarah likes all things vintage and simple...and I also knew they did not know the sex of the baby. So...
I chose retro '40s prints...LOVE LOVE LOVE!!
My Mom taught me a super fast way to make pinwheels...yay!! My friend, Tammy, let me use her long arm machine to quilt my first ever baby quilts. The perfectionist part of me was screaming...but for my first time's not bad.
Here is is all bundled and ready to mail. AND...I just saw it again in the delightful baby's room all ready for his/her's arrival!!

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Anonymous said...

It is lovely! Love, Mom D