Wednesday, December 10, 2014

God with us...Immanuel.

I've been thinking a lot about something a friend said this week.  She said, "So often, I think I'll just "top off" ME with a little bit of God and call it good enough." It is so true...that many days I forget what Holy Spirit filling is really about.  Especially when I'm busy and have "my plans" all roaring to go. Then, someone else in the discussion said the comment in reverse..."Mostly God "topped off" with me."  This is also true.  How often when I've been strong in the Lord, do I, suddenly and stupidly, think I should give Him a little bit of my good ideas for the future.  It's downright ridiculous but so very much what I often do.  In those times I need a bigger view of God.  If I knew more about Him...and put into play what I know...I'd realize He is ALL KNOWING (He doesn't need anything from me)...His plans are PERFECT and without flaw (So why would I race forward with my plans instead? Yet I do.)

We've been studying about Moses...and our discussion stemmed from a question regarding how the filling of the tabernacle with God's glory and presence affected Moses...and how we could apply that to our lives.  Well, Moses couldn't enter the tabernacle when the cloud covered and filled it.  In a lot of ways this surprised me...I mean, Moses just saw God pass close as possible to seeing God without actually seeing Him and dying!  This is the guy called God's friend and the man with the glowing and radiant face from His close and intimate times with God.

But maybe, it wasn't about Moses anymore....this was, after all, a picture of what Jesus would do for all of us.  He would pay for my sins and then the Holy Spirit would come...and tabernacle within me!  It has always been His desire to dwell with His people and for them to worship Him alone.

The truth is that when we are filled with the Spirit there should be NO ROOM for our selfish desires.  It's not about me, or Moses, anymore.  It's all about worshipping God.  He is transcendent...way beyond our understanding.  But He is immanent...pleased to dwell near us, among us and to be our God.  WOW.

And then I thought...the Holy Spirit is the very presence of God, not just a symbol of God.  He doesn't just hover over us in a cloud...He is with us...INDWELLING us!  At first, I was thinking I'd prefer a cloud to show me where to go...but God did not give me less...He gave more!  The Holy Spirit protects and guides me.  He helps me understand and obey what I read in God's Word.  

When God guides me it means there's a goal for the journey.  And in difficult journeys that's very comforting.  I start and stop and change my mind a thousand times (ask my husband)!  People disappoint me...and I disappoint them and myself.  God NEVER does!  He always finishes what He begins....and He will be faithful to complete the work He's started in me... and complete it!  (Phil 1:6)

Oh Heavenly Father,
There are so many things that I don't understand about Your Triune-ness.  But I'm trying.  I'm so thankful for the Holy Spirit given to help me understand Your ways and convicting me to obey your ways.  Thank you for Jesus...Immanuel...God with us!  Help me to go about today full of YOU, worshiping and bringing You glory in all I do and say!  No more I, but Christ that lives in me!

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Barbara H. said...

It's a constant battle, trying to keep self from asserting itself. Thankfully He is patient and longsuffering and merciful.