Saturday, December 13, 2014

Sew Saturday: Gray...

Now that my Christmas gifts are done I can start showing what I'm working on again...
I saw this heartland tweed and fell in love!!  It is that muddy gray with little flecks of color (red, turquoise and yellow) throughout.  I'm doing 10 rows knit...then 3 sets stockinette.  My darling daughter lost my scarf, I really do have a reason to buy more yarn...haha.
I've finally cut out a baby quilt...long anticipated.  She chose a very modern herringbone pattern with gray and white.  It'll be backed with gray minky.  Delightful!!
This panel is my inspiration to work...I really want a Christmas quilt.  But, I won't let myself cut the gorgeous coordinating reds that accompany this panel until the baby quilt top is done.  When my Mom comes for Christmas I might break my rule though.  

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