Thursday, December 11, 2014

Intentional Parenting...

Intentional Parenting...that's what I've been praying for.  Which little known to me, also meant that I was praying for patience, the ability to pause and give full attention at the worst possible moments in my day, and endurance for stubborness when I am most tired.  I also didn't know that praying for this would mean I would be learning so much about God myself.  

I am humbled to tears when I see the parallels between my sinful childish behavior and God the Father's perfect parenting of me.

I hear myself say, "Just give your worries to God...Read these Scriptures with Mommy"...and then we read, "Don't be anxious about anything..." and I have to say..."God wants to teach Mommy these things too."  I have been worried about things I couldn't ever tell them about...and not handling it well or biblically.  I'm a bundle of knots and nerves...why?  I tell my child, "The Bible says...worrying can't help...and tomorrow has enough trouble of it's own.  Give Your worries to God...only He can help you."

I preach to myself.

Yet, I keep praying for Intentional Parenting.  I want to be intentional to point to Christ...the only Redeemer, Who is ABLE!  

I hear myself snap at my child, "You can't expect to do everything perfectly.  You have to practice things.  AND, God doesn't give everyone the same gifts and talents...and that's okay ya know!"  Um...ouch...I obviously don't know...or my time at and thinking about church and service and ministry would be much, much different.  I say, "Remember that you're working for GOD...not other people."  But, then I just wasted a whole hour agonizing over what I said about that and what she'll think about this....or that...and how I might be judged if I change roles here...or there.  

I preach to myself.

Parenting is humbling.  No way around that.  And I will continue to pray for Intentional Parenting.  I'm learning so much...and hopefully, God will be merciful and my children will learn too!

Oh Lord, 
You make no mistakes and You knew what You were doing when you blessed me with two Sweet Boobahs.  You know my desire is to obey you in my be intentional about directing them to You.  I don't want to just correct behavior....I want to point their hearts to You!  I'm so thankful that I can ask for wisdom and Your Word says You will give it GENEROUSLY and without finding fault. Thank you a milllion times!

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Barbara H. said...

I can remember that "preaching to myself" feeling so well. I never realized, before having children, that they were going to be one of God's biggest instruments of sanctification in my life.