Monday, April 20, 2015

Monday Musings: Worry

 It's getting to be that crazy end of the year time around here.  As I shut the door on a well loved ministry I've encountered loads of angst and yuck.  So, I've been musing over a pamphlet by Jay Adams called What Do You Do When You Worry All the Time?  It's been very helpful...I highly advice getting your hot little fingers on a copy if you can...HERE is a link.

And here are my highlighted musings...

1.  Worry is concern about something that I can do nothing about and that I cannot even be sure about.

2.  The worrier, ME...cannot control the future; and does not even know what it will look like.

3.  Whenever I try to take hold of tomorrow, I try to steal what belongs to God.

4.  I must learn to plan by submitting my plan to the LORD for revision (or scrapping), and joyously accepting the scratched-over page that HE may hand back to me.

5.  Every emotion that God has put in me is its right place.
Per my Aunt Beverly's request I will attempt to flesh out this point a bit...
All my energies and efforts need to be poured into today.  It's the key that unlocks the door on worry and opens the door to peace:  I am to focus my concern on today.  Concern is right, not wrong.  Every emotion that God has put in me is its right place.  This means only when they are used properly...according to God's commandments and the principles of HIS WORD.  My emotional concerns are God-given mobilizing forces that help my body and mind focus on a problem.  But when they are focused on tomorrow...all that energy is's poured out but not used.  I can't release it into action because I can't act on the future.  And when I do that I even have nasty chemical reactions that eat away the lining of my stomach too!

6.  By the grace of God three trees are coming down today.  (A way of narrowing down life's crazy)

7.  I don't want to be tired and dissatistfied but rather tired but satisfied because energies are expended as God has directed.

8.  I can change...if nothing else will.

9.  Ask myself...How can I handle this problem for the glory of God?

10.  Be quick to obey.

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Beverly White said...

Thanks Bobbi! I copied all ten points into my journal to go over again and again. Could you flesh out 5. a bit more? My emotions get me into trouble.