Saturday, April 11, 2015

Sew Saturday: School Water

Last summer, I went on a quilt shop hop...I bought this adorable panel and coordinating fabric. I told myself I was going to "get ahead" so that every time someone had a baby I didn't have to stop and make a quilt. That sounds like I don't want to make quilts for people...and that's not true. I just get annoyed sometimes when I feel like I'm never going to finish any of my own projects. *sigh*

 So, about a month ago...Ca-Lubby's teacher announced she was expecting a baby boy in the Fall!
Then, yesterday...Emmer bean's teacher announced she was expecting a baby in the Fall too! All I have to say is be careful in this particular Elementary building...if you are of childbearing years I do NOT recommend drinking the water (hardy har har). And...for the last few years...everyone has had boys! Crazee!
 So, I remembered this it and bordered it...Two quilt tops done in one afternoon.  Now, on to sandwich, quilt and bind!  Trying to keep my momentum going...

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Barbara H. said...

Those are really cute!