Monday, April 27, 2015

Monday Musings: Sin Mortified...

 Here's another article for you to muse over with me...
The Practice of Mortification by Sinclair Ferguson...and link.

My musings...

1.  I am so convicted that I must go to Scripture first.  I am so guilty of reading devotions and pastor authors before or in lieu of Scripture.  Oh, how very wrong I've been.

2.  The Colossians were where I often am...the "already" of grace and discovering the painful "not yet" of ongoing sanctification.

3.  Without a firm grasp of the gospel I can be tempted to quick fixes that look like deeper holiness but are false teaching.

4.  I will have NO SUCCESS unless I go back to the point of action from which I can gain energy for the strenuous effort of dealing with sin.

5.  I must KNOW, REST IN, THINK THROUGH, and ACT UPON my new identity in Christ!

6.  ALL sin must be dealt with...ripped up by the roots.  Mortifying sin is WHOLE LIFE change.

7.  I must rip the mask from self deceit...which I'm super good at...and admit my sin for what it really is...not call it by pet names.

8.  New men live new lives.  Anything less is a contradiction of who I am in Christ.

9.  Sin...refuse it, starve it, reject it, and abort it!

10.  I can't mortify sin without the pain of the kill!!

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