Monday, September 22, 2008

Book Reviews 1 & 2

Dealing with Dragons
by Patricia C. Wrede

I so enjoyed this light-hearted read. It is delicious juvenile literature. It gently picks fun at all your favorite fairy tales of old and yet hold on to their adorable charm! I so recommend grabbing this book and getting to know Princess Cimorene as soon as you can!

A Mother and Two Daughters
by Gail Godwin

I hammered my way through this book because it's on my list and I'm going to read them all! I was disappointed but I guess it was an okay story. I read a review about this book in a book about creating mother daughter book clubs and let's just say the review was better than the book. I finished it and just couldn't figure out the purpose of the book. It didn't evoke any feelings good, bad or otherwise. If you have read this and found it profound...please share your reasoning with me...I'd be interested.

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The Khaje Khronicles said...

The first book sounds like an interesting read. I'll definitely be adding it to my list of books to read in the future.

Kayren, Pink Daisy Girl said...

I'm just getting around to reading reviews on Callapidder's site, and saw yours. This sounds like a book that both me and my girls might like. I'm going to see if the library has the first book and check it out. Thanks!

bigskygirls said...

The first one sounds fun! I always try to make sure I have a light, fun read mixed in often. I'll add this to the mix. Thanks for the review!