Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Politics, politics...

I can't stand this time of year. Don't get me wrong...I'm proud to be an American--and I always vote (prego or carting kids along, rain or shine, etc.) It's times like this I wish we paid money for TV 'cuz I'd be watching Fox and not the liberal media that comes in on my bunny ears! Ugh--they are horrible! Unbiased, my foot! They don't even follow their candidates lead on this whole Bristol Palin issue. Leave it! As I try to change my language--and how I think about wording my feelings on all issues--I guess I'll say, "THEY ARE ACTING LIKE BIG MEANIES!" See, I didn't attack them just their behavior!

I'll be voting McCain/Palin--for many reasons. Probably top on the list is I'm incredibly, completely, totally PRO LIFE! Both have shown real fortitude on this issue. McCain has adopted children and Palin has a Down Syndrome baby and a supported pregnant teen. I hope she blows everyone's socks off tonight with her speech!

However, all of my opinions aside...I would be remiss to not mention that none of this politics stuff means a "hill of beans" in the grand scheme of things. God is in control. Jesus Christ is the only answer to our country's problems--our eternal salvation. Set your site on any politician and you'll be disappointed one way or the other. I think we should be involved but there isn't any point in getting all hot and bothered about what we can't control. Don't worry, I'm really talking to myself. I need to be reminded that I'm not in control of these elections, this country, or anything else. God is in control! I need to be faithful to Christ, above all!

I listen to my Dad's sermons online and I thought I'd quote him.

"Man, we get really excited about politics. These politicians...I don't care who they are, what party they're in...They are not going to get it done folks! They are just human beings. And the system is corrupt and there are all sorts of things that are going to happen BUT Jesus Christ provides everlasting life. And even if we achieved a perfect society, people would still die and go to hell. But not if they believed in Jesus Christ and were saved."

I was challenged to question myself about how I present Christ in my life to others. I know I readily discuss politics but am I as excited about Jesus Christ? I know a Man who rose from the dead, who provides everlasting life! Am I as excited about Jesus Christ as McCain/Palin?

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