Friday, September 5, 2008

Diaper Cake Recipe

I made a diaper cake for my friend's baby shower tomorrow. This is the second diaper cake I've made. I received one for each sweet baby of my own--and think they are soooo cute! The surprising thing is that they are soooo easy! No joke, really!

I'll even share the recipe....

Diaper Cake Recipe

67 diapers--I use Luvs size 4 because Luvs are almost white and kids are in 4s the longest.
Three spools of ribbon.--I chose pink and purple grosgrain, and a thin pink polka dotted.
1 Package baby wash clothes--I chose a mixed girl pack.
1 pack Ouchless hair ties.--cuz they're light pastel.
3 rubber bands--one normal, one medium and one LARGE.
Cake Topper--I chose cute pink shoes. I've done bows and that requires skills!
Cardboard Circle--Mine is ~18 inches and is covered with alum. foil.
Scotch Tape--I only used it for securing under the ribbons.

Roll Diapers--top inward--so they end up square. Yes, it takes a while to roll 67 but you'll make it!
Put a hair band around halfway to secure each roll.

Group Tiers

Top Tier--1 in center, seven around--total 8 (Normal Rubber band)

Middle Tier--1 in center, six around.... (Medium Rubber band) add twelve---total 19

Bottom Tier--1 in center, six around... (LARGE Rubber band) add 13....add 20---total 40

Total Diaper count...67.

Assemble tiers--set them on top of each other and smooth washclothes around for added color. Tuck them under the rubberbands--cuz it'll all be hidden by the ribbon anyway.



Use wider ribbon and scotch tape to wrap cake and cover rubber bands. I went around with two different colors just to make sure you couldn't see them.

Make bows. As you can tell, mine are sort of quaint but cute!

Use hair things or baby clothespins, etc. to secure ribbon to rubber bands...if you're interested in extra security and cuteness.

For boys...wrap the ribbon vertically then you don't have to worry about bows or security as much.

Be free and fun with this. I planned on doing another bow for the top but saw these shoes and fell in love with the idea. It turned out cute.

Viola--a cake!

Darren made a little cardboard circle for Emma--and Caleb enjoys snatching it from her and running! Very funny! I asked her why she was yelling and she said, "He, him--he took my Seekle" I couldn't figure it out. She said, "Ya know, like a triangle!" Ohhhhh!

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