Monday, September 29, 2008

Deja Vu?

What do you call it when you aren't experiencing something for a second time but feel like you are re-living the past in reverse? Sort of like messed up deja vu.

Lately, Emma makes me feel like I'm dealing with myself at three! Yikes...I told my Dad today that it's amazing I survived! Today, she very independently went potty and washed her hands.


...but...her sleeves got wet and she hates that...and started to tug and pull them away from her, yes Mom...this should sound familiar.

My mother has reminisced about threatening me with my life if I stretched my sleeves out, again! Emma heard the same schpeal today and I had a real moment of pause. My little face looked up at me with a determined, "I'm gonna tug this til it stops bothering me." AGH! Her little hearts shirt will never be the same. Sigh!

Then, Caleb my "tight space" boy. Squeezed himself into half the cooking island. Very cute...and no he's not mad cuz he's stuck...he's mad cuz his sister closed him in and he didn't get to do it himself. He proceeded to get out and go shut her into her side! Sibling rivalry at 1 and 3...yes, it is a very real phenomenon!

So, if it isn't deja vu... what is it that I'm experiencing? And don't say my fair comeuppance.


Anonymous said...

In your case, the shirt I remember the most was a beautiful pink. One day I stuffed a tissue up under the wet part before you went to kindergarten. I guess you survived, but I can't remember if that shirt did! Love you, Mom

PinkDaisyGirl said...

You know, I've got an eight year old that still hates long sleeves, so he pulls his up to his elbows constantly. That's how his get stretched out. He wears short sleeves as long as possible, and he'll even try it in the winter. I have to pack away all the short sleeves just so he won't put them on. I really thought he would grow out of it by now, but we've worn long sleeves a time or two this fall, and he's still doing it. He did it at church this last Sunday.

But it's not deja vu for me on this one. That's one thing I didn't do to drive my mom crazy.

Hope to see you Friday for KATF.

~ Kayren