Thursday, March 26, 2009

Alphabet Meme...

A is for your age: 29
B is for your burger of choice: Good thick Meat, ketchup, mustard, big slice onion, tomato, lettuce, pickles.
C is for the car that you drive: Pontiac Montana
D is for dog's name: Don't currently have one.... My favorite childhood dog (a mutt) was named Spots. She was white with black spots...I named her...hey, it's very creative for a six year old!
E is for an essential item you use each day: My contacts (or glasses)
F is for your favorite television show: Good Eats or Iron Chef Japan--depends on the ingredient.
G is for favorite game: Hand and Foot (cards), or Boggle.
H is for hometown: Greenwood
I is for instruments played: Some I play very don't get excited...Piano, auto harp, dulcimer, guitar, trumpet, marimba, percussion stuffs, hand bells, my favorite is voice.
J is for favorite juice: Grape juice...especially white.
K is for what you'd like to kick: all allergies from existence.
L is for last restaurant you dined at: Yatz (Cajun restaurant in Indy...yummy yummy spicy) and Cheesecake Factory for dessert...My hubby loves me!!
M is for your favorite Muppet: Beeker and the professor...ask LoverBrain why...something about how super smart he is at work!
N is for number of piercings you have: Two in each ear. Only use one in each anymore...not sure the other two are still open...hummm.
O is for overnight hospital stays: Only when having my babies. I think it was two or three nights each...funny how I can't remember! Some things you think you'll never manage to block out!
P is for people you were with today: My immediate family--mostly the two toddler ones...

Q is for what you do in quiet times: They're rare but...I read my Bible, pray, blog, blurf, and craft...sometimes I clean too...if it's one of those things they'd hinder rather than help with...aka toilets and showers.
R is for regrets: My sharp impatience with my sweet boobahs.
S is for status: I'm married...and low on societies list cuz I'm just a stay at home mom...although it makes me feel better to say I'm a Domestic Engineer!
T is for time you woke up today: 4:30 briefly..when LoverBrain left for work...5:45 for good...when Calubby woke up! He's a sad sick boy.
U is for what you consider unique: Double brother has a double jointed thumb...maybe thumbs...It's just weird...but very unique too...I love you Bro!!
V is for favorite vegetable: I love vegetables so this is hard for me....Every summer in NY I ate my fill of rhubarb chard, peas, squash, green beans...til I was in intestinal woe! HA HA HA! The only ones I can think of that I don't like are lima beans and turnips/parsnips.
W is for your worst habit: Insane earliness. Don't hate IS a me! You have to sit and wait for people...
X is for x-rays you have had: My tailbone when I broke it in college...and my head when I was having migraines...Don't worry they didn't find anything! SMILE!!
Y is for yummy food you ate today: Well, there is fresh bread just finishing up...and I'm gonna eat that soon! I had really good coffee this morning but that's not truly food...
Z is for zoo animal: My favorite are the elephants and the giraffes!!

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Kayren, Pink Daisy Girl said...

Now before I start, I wish I could ask you what you think I'm gonna say, but I just have to go for it since I can' imagine before you read this...

You like a lot of food on your food (B),

I don't like you because you're young AND you can sing,

you really do eat weird stuff (V), although I agree on the turnips/parsnips, but really, who eats those,

and last, maybe you said the wrong thing on the x-rays...they really didn't find *anything* when they did an x-ray on your head?