Saturday, July 25, 2009

3's of me...

Three names I go by..
1. Bobbi
2. Bobbi Jo (family mostly)
3. Schmoe (only my Daddy)

Three jobs I have had...
1. Jr Hi. Special Ed. Teacher (it was hard)
2. Third Grade Teacher (loved it)
3. Mommy (still lovin' it)

Three places I have lived..
1. Cincinnati, Ohio
2. Hancock, New York
3. Racine, Wisconsin (don't remember it...I was a baby)

Three t.v. shows I watch..
1. 18 kids and counting...
2. Barefoot Contessa
3. Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives

Three places I have been..
1. Spain
2. England/Scotland
3. Germany

Three of my fav. foods..
1. Cajun/Creole
2. Chinese
3. Steak :)

Three things I am looking forward to..
1. Completing potty training of my son
2. Sleeping in Sat. morning (if you call you're in trouble)
3. Family time tonight