Friday, July 24, 2009

Caffeinated Randomness- Aging Panic!!

Well, the "gee, I'm almost 30" thing is hitting me big time. So, I decided I'm going to set some healthier plans for the future. Cuz, seriously if the downward progression of my body and mind continue at the same pace they did this past decade...I'm in BIG trouble!!

So, I started running....yikes! My sweet friend, Emily, talked me into a March of Dimes race in September. I remembered the first day I started training..."Oh yeah, i remember why I stopped running after college...I hate this..." BUT...I do love the results...and I love that it is FREE and FAST! I am enjoying the quiet, cool mornings...that's motivation cuz let's face it...there isn't much calm and quiet in the life of a mome to toddlers.

I made yogurt very own self! Can you say, "Cheap, cheap...come on let me hear ya! Cheap, Cheap!!" Ha ha ha! AND...tasty, smooth and creamy. I used 1% milk and it's waaayyy creamier than the stuff you buy. We decided to switch to smoothies in the evenings in place of ice cream. My Loverbrain loves ice cream...and smoothies...yeah! Any of ya'll pigeons out there with good smoothie recipes please feel free to share! I've been doing peach/blueberry...and blueberry/banana. In the words of Rachael Ray..YUMMO!!!

Oh, and in my fight against age...we've started taking vitamins. Incidentally, don't you love how I've pulled the dear hubs into this with me? Poor thing!! He's already older than me...but agrees we could be healthier. Really, what's the poor guy gonna say, right? So, we're joining in with my grandparents...who we've affectionately dubbed the "vitamin cultists" but who you have to admit are some of the healthiest "70 somethings" you've ever seen! Already, let me just tell you that B Complex makes me a much nicer person. If you've got the "grouchies" try some...but remember it takes a few months to really kick in!

Gee, where was on this random caffeinated...oooo...caffeinated...hmmm.... Now, there...that...I'm not ready to give it up yet. My coffee...our coffee...still strong in the morning (and sometimes the evenings)...Until my Sweet Boobahs suck less energy out of my body and brain...this sweet chiccy needs...needs...her morning cuppa! Yeah, yeah...I know it's not h e a l t h y...and I am cutting back...some...

So, anyway...thought I'd share...randomely...I'm not really sure I could share any other way!!


Andrea said...

You are so not old!!

Kayren, Pink Daisy Girl said...

Okay, I don't even feel sorry for you. Almost 30? Please!

Running? Four-letter word!

Made your own yogurt? I love making smoothies in the blender, but I buy the vanilla yogurt and add stuff to it. How in the world do you make yogurt?

For smoothies, I put in frozen strawberries, frozen peaches, a few frozen blueberries, banana, a smidge of sugar for sweetness, because I have a horrible sweet tooth, a little milk for blending smoothly, and sometimes a spoonful of grape juice concentrate from the freezer. I just keep it there and take out a spoonful at a time. They make them with plastic lids now, so it works well. That's about the only smoothie I make anymore. It's our favorite.

Although I have to admit a few weeks ago I bought that little smoothie recipe book at the checkout line in Wal-Mart or the grocery store thinking I'd find something different to try. If my OLD brain is working when we find time to get together and I remember it, I'll bring it so you can take a peek. How about that? :)