Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Morning lovin' and walkin'...

Here's a picture of shlumpa dinka MomE...early in the morning with her snuggly bugs and crossword puzzles...AHHHHH...now that's vacation!
Every morning (except for one that it rained)...we walked up the mountain. I figure it's about 3.5 miles round trip. It's chilly in the morning...~50 degrees! Lubby rode in the backpack until we got to the driveway coming back...He would pat Loverbrain's head and say, "Love, love....go go go!"
Emmer wasn't too keen on going on these walks until we found a salamander/newt. She thought it was pretty neat! We also found some feathers, leaves and puff balls! Puff balls are some sort of mushroom that you can dry and then stomp on. They make a loud POP!
Every day after that she wanted to find a lizard. She insisted that we'd find other colors...blue, green, etc. We only found orange ones! Huh?

She also helped Nana with her crossword puzzles. She helped so much that some days Nana couldn't see the boxes...hehehe! She sort of learned to write her name. She can get the E pretty well!
In the evenings she'd snuggle with Papa!
Here they are playing in THE TOWER!!! Both kids loved this...but Darren stood very close by because it's so high!
Again I say....AWWWW! Hey, they're my babies...I'll say Aw if I want to...cuz they're really really cute....see!