Saturday, November 14, 2009

A little about me Meme!

Making : cross stitch ornaments for neighbors, friends and maybe myself.
Cooking :unfried chicken (rolled in cornflakes to be crunchy like fried but baked instead)

Drinking : large quantities of herbal tea (my throat's sore)

Reading: an Agatha Christie book...Death on the Nile...

Wanting: a red pair of scuff slippers from L.L. Bean

at my steaming tea cup
Playing: a lot of puzzles with the kids lately...and legos...

too much time watching TV
Sewing: baby gifts for friends

Wishing: my family lived closer

Enjoying: the warm indian summer

Waiting: for my Loverbrain to get home from work
Liking: the new bible study I just joined

Wondering: what I went upstairs for...and then going downstairs and remembering...

Loving: two sweet boobahs...and a handsome man...

Hoping: we'll have a white Christmas
Marvelling: at God's goodness and blessings
Needing: my pillow

Smelling: vicks vapor rub...ahhhh...*sigh*

Wearing: jeans and an old MOPS t-shirt...and my running shoes...

Following: the migrant patterns of Canadian geese...just kidding...hahaha...

Noticing: that ruffles are back in way!

Knowing: He's coming again...and probably soon!

I'd better be ready...for the above...Are you??
Bookmarking: nifty gift idea sites...and new groovy blogs...
Opening: a before bedtime chocolate...the last of my birthday candy
Giggling: over the conversations my sweet boobahs have together...
Feeling: tired

1 comment:

Barbara H. said...

This is a neat meme -- I might borrow it next week!

I do chicken like that only rolled in crushed Town House crackers. I haven't done that in a while...that's an idea for tonight or tomorrow!

I've been wanting to read something by Agatha Christie.

I like ruffles! :-)