Monday, November 30, 2009

Marriage Monday: Husband Christmas Interview...

I got back from the Thankmas break and realized that it was Marriage Monday. Usually, I post MM on my MomE blog but had already I perused the other posts...realized there was a bit of Christmas theme to the interviews...took some questions from others...and here is the result...

Me: Describe your ideal Christmas.
Loverbrains: I'd spend it with our family at home. We'd watch the kids unwrap and play with their gifts. We'd read the Christmas story together.

(I'd just started this while making dinner. He graciously followed me into the kitchen to listen to my questions.)

Me: What's your favorite Christmas cookie and why?
Loverbrains: *Big Grin* Molasses Mary V. Cookies...because they taste really good!!

(We just got back from my Mom's where she had a whole passel of these cookies made with black strap molasses so they were really good this year! Made us regular Baptists (due to their laxative effect and our being baptists)...hahaha!)

Me: What is your fondest Christmas memory?
Loverbrains: The first Christmas we were married. LOL...wink wink...squeeze squeeze!!

(Our anniversary is Dec. 21st...we had a great newlywed Christmas that year!!)

Me: Share your thoughts about exchanging gifts.
Loverbrains: *Best loud laugh* They'd be's a combination of frugality, utility and laziness. HAHA! Just kidding!!

(Truth is he tried to argue this with his mother when he was in high school. Thankfully, she won or ignored him...cuz he still wraps presents.)

Me: How do you think our expectations differ at Christmas?
Loverbrains: I think we have the same main teach our children more about Jesus Christ. You do more decorating, etc. and I tend to want to relax more...but I like it all!

(I love my man...what a great responsible provider. He's a Godly leader in our home, a caring diaper changing daddy, and a warm and gentle husband! I'm blessed!)


Karen said...

Sounds like you are truly blessed with a wonderful husband...cute questions and answers!

Wife of Rob said...

Great interview! And I love his concept of not having to unwrap them...I'm on his page!

I hope that you both have a wonderful Christmas with your family!


tonya said...

It has been great reading all the posts and seeing the husbands responses. Great post!

e-Mom said...

"I love my man...what a great responsible provider. He's a Godly leader in our home, a caring diaper changing daddy, and a warm and gentle husband! I'm blessed!"

This quote says it all. Your husband is truly a keeper! I enjoyed his responses so much. But tell me, what's the connection between blackstrap molasses and Baptists? (Pardon my ignorance.)

Hey--wink, wink, squeeze, squeeze--Happy Anniversary! Your December wedding must have been beautiful. :~D

Thanks for joining us for Marriage Monday today, Bobbi. (((Hugs)))

Denise said...

Very nice.

April said...

He sounds like a wonderful guy! I hope you have a blessed Christmas!

Constance said...

One of the things I appreciate about MM is the way we focus on the poitives of our Hubbies and our marriages! It's easy to get caught up in negativity that's out there so it's encouraging when I read positive comments like yours about your Man!

have a Blessed Christmas!

Laurel@FromMyHeartToYours said...

I love your interview...seems like you had a lot of fun talking about it (wink..wink...). ~giggle~

I am a first time guest with marriage Monday and I haven't completed the task yet but I'm on it...stay tuned.

I did just post about December tho and what it looks like at our house! I hope to see you again. Be blessed and Happy early anniversary!

Hugs from Canada