Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Word FILLED Wednesday: Blessing in Obedience...

I've been reading through the Bible in a Year...this one...and have stuck to it with more fortitude than usual. Praise God! Really, it's totally not me...cuz usually by the time I've hit Chronicles I'm long out of schedule and frustrated. It does help that my parents are following the same schedule and I can talk to them about the same things we've all been reading. Anyhew...we're in Psalm 119 now...chunk by powerful chunk. WOW!

I just love this whole particular chunk...


Lord, you are mine!

I promise to obey your words!

With all my heart I want your blessings.

Be merciful as you promised.

I pondered the direction of my life,

and I turned to follow your laws.

I will hurry, without delay,

to obey your commands.

Evil people try to drag me into sin,

but I am firmly anchored to your instructions.

I rise at midnight to thank you

for your just regulations.

I am a friend to anyone who fears you—

anyone who obeys your commandments.

O Lord, your unfailing love fills the earth;

teach me your decrees.

5 comments: said...

Cool translation. Your link to the site says it is broken (the link). My hubby and I read through the Bible last year for our family devotions.using an audio (online, free). We did it all. This year we are doing it again, but sometimes miss days this time around. Love the verse you have quoted--whats translation are you using.?

Bobbi said...

Thanks for telling me about the link...annoys me to know end when that happens. I will try to fix it. It is from Faith Baptist Bible College and Theological Seminary. You do a bit of OT, NT and Poetry all at the same time. Breaks it up nicely. I’ve been using the NLT lately. I’m not sure it’s great for all depths of study but for daily reading it’s been nice. I also use my NIV study bible...very helpful.

LauraLee Shaw said...

I have always loved that verse! Thanks for the reminder. ;)

Denise said...

Great verse.

ozjane said...

So many many blessings in that precious word.