Tuesday, December 21, 2010


Today, at 7 o-clock I will be married for 7 years to my Loverbrains.

Here are 7 things I LOVE about him:

1.  He's brilliant but humble.  I find that his quiet way of doing things always sets him in good position with his peers and bosses.  He doesn't need to put himself ahead...God blesses him...and it all works out fine. 

2.  He always ALWAYS kisses me first when he comes home.  To the point where he trips over the kids and puppy who are literally clamoring for his attention.  I asked him why once...and he said that he wanted them to know that I come first!

3.  He's a wonderful DadE...He owns bathtime as his special job.  He lovingly washes and jammies our babies.  It not only saves me back aches but also gives me some quiet moments to play the piano or be by myself!

4.  He enlarges my mind...as I try to understand his world of math and science.  At the same time, he doesn't make me feel stupid...he patiently explains things to me and listens intelligently to my days full of defiant three year olds and playdoh castles.

5.  He encourages me to be involved in ministry...even allowing me to drive separately to choir practices each week.  That means he dresses the Sweet Boobahs back up and gets them all ready for the PM service alone.  WOW...he does tights and hair ya'll!  So cute.  He knows how much it means to me to sing at church!

6.  He is patient when I don't feel well...especially with all these unexplainable and unpredictable migraines...he lovingly sends me to bed and takes care of the kids.  He never makes me feel guilty...but just plugs on.  Even when he is tired...he takes care of me.  In sickness and health!

7.  He puts God first...each morning he reads his Bible in the kitchen while I read in the living room.  The house is quiet except for the turning of my pages and the clicking of his Kindle.  And then we get together and talk about what we're reading/studying and we pray or share thoughts and issues.  Each evening he reads the kids SS paper with them and talks to them about God.  These things I treasure!

So, I love you, honey!  Happy Anniversary!!

PS...Happy Anniversary to Barbara and her honey who let us share their special date.  She also gave me this idea last year!


Anonymous said...

"Happy 7th Anniversary"

Love you both.

Mom and Dad W.

Barbara H. said...

A very happy anniversary to you! My husband is a math and science guy, too, and always pitched right in with whatever was needed with getting kids ready. Sounds like we have a couple of treasures! :-)

Pastor D said...

Happy Anniversary!

You are a great team and a testimony to the infinite goodness of our great God and Savior - Jesus Christ.

Dad D

(Weird that on "MomE's" blog I am literally "Dad D." Never thought of that before!)

Beverly said...

What a special tribute to your sweetie! Happy Anniversary...I was there to witness your vows. So happy for you both as you continue to grow in Him!
Aunt Bev

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Guiding Light said...

How wonderful was this! Thanks for sharing and Happy Anniversary!