Wednesday, December 22, 2010

HIS-Story at Christmas and ALL THE TIME!

This Sunday I was reminded that God is the Pre-eminent One.  That's one of those words that I know what it means in context but ended up looking it up later...and boy, does it ever describe God--distinguished, peerless, supreme.

Have you ever been struck by God's Sovereign use of history?...How He used rulers and events...political climates?  For example, that a census would be taken at just the right that not only would Mary and Joseph be in Bethlehem, to fulfill Micah 5:2, but at the exact time the baby would be born!? And, we all know that babies aren't predictable.  Well, unless you're God that is.

Our Pastor shared some interesting Historical facts with us Sunday.  Things that pointed to God's use of world events in HIS story...and although I knew some of these points of history I'd never placed it around Christ's birth.

You know in Luke 2 where it talks about "Caesar Augustus said all the world should be registered"...well, turns out that his full name was Gaius Octavian..the nephew and eventually adopted "son" of Julius Caesar.  AND...Octavian's sister, Atia, was married to Marc Antony....who cheated on her with Cleopatra.

As any good brother would, he took him to war (well, it probably had more to do with Marc cutting off the grain from Egypt)...and Octavian won (they committed suicide remember)...and he gained major control of Rome...and ruled over them during a peaceful and stable period.  He oversaw the building of the Roman roads, etc.  Which not only established for Mary and Joseph an easy access to refuge in Egypt from Herod but also...put road structure in perfect shape and location to spread the gospel when the disciples went out to share the good news with all the world.  Neato, eh?

I think what really stuck with me as I put together ALL this that God is BIG and has no trouble keeping track of, or taking care of, His own.

His plans will be fulfilled.  He always keeps His promises.  History, and everything in it, is HIS!


GlowinGirl said...

God is so smart! :)

I do get what you're saying . . .I love how He executes His plan. The plan that He had from the very beginning. He pulls it all together with every "t" crossed and "i" dotted. Pre-eminent. Peerless. Matchless. None like Him!!

Merry Christmas, friend!

ozjane said...

I had the foolishness of man compared to the majesty and might of God on my mind this week.
I too love to see how God blends it all together...even in our lives.

The Real Me! said...

I had to smile while reading this because our pastor brought out some good facts about the history of Jesus' birth too and I found it so interesting. It's like there is NO WAY you can deny it.
Loved your verse too.
Have a blessed WFW.

Susan said...

Amen, great word!

Wishing you and your family a very blessed Christmas♥

Andrea said...

I love that only God controls HIStory and has a plan and purpose for everything that comes to pass. May your home be filled with joy this Christmas and throughout the year!

Ginger said...

Strong and powerful.

Amydeanne said...

God is big! And I pray that I remember that more often!

Happy WFW and Merry Christmas!

Chelle said...

So good! I love when man thinks he is working by his own hand, He is really being used by God for a divine purpose.