Saturday, November 16, 2013

Sew (Crafty) Saturday: HARK!!!

Every year I make ornaments or canned yumminess for the neighbors. We live on a large cul-de-sac...with 17 houses. I want them to know our family...and know of our love for Jesus. 

Thankfully, my Mom has given me lots of ideas for this venture. When she was about my age, and the pastor's wife to a small country church, she made Christmas ornaments for every family each year.  One year she made these noodle angels.  Hers had wooden ball heads...covered with a coating of those teensy star pastas... and held ribbons with real music pasted inside their books.  Once I got these assembled I was pretty much thinking..."I don't want to cover the hanger...and the angels had the 'glory to God' song down...they didn't need the music...I'm tired!" 
They are simply CUTE...I used a gold bell for the head (comes with a built in hanger...woot woot)...rigatoni body, elbow arms, bow tie wings.  Used a fine tip Sharpie to make the faces.  I love the old burlap twine for the hanger.  They were spray painted white and with a shot of glitter paint.
I think the neighbors will love them!!  They expect to see us now that we've lived here almost 8 years.  We started caroling last year...and that was a HUGE hit...they were delighted SO, I guess we'll be singing this year too!!  Such fun.

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Ozjane said...

Lovely work. May God bless your efforts and give you favor as you give these gifts.