Saturday, November 2, 2013

Sew Saturday: Cupcake Peg Bear

Inspiration comes at funny times and from funny places. 

I've seen these "peg bears" on Pinterest and around and they were so cute, old modern.  Is that even a thing?  Anyway...they are sort of new vintage.  HA!

I had the scraps of sweater left over from the cute pink bag, and was sort of wanting a hand sewing project.  (Yes, because I'm so sick of binding on my daughter's quilt that I might just scream!  Yeah...pretty much that project is never getting done...argh!)  But still...a girl's gotta have something fun to handsew on cuz she can't always be in front of the machine and mending/binding will drive her mad.  MAD, I tell you!!
So, with a cup of tea, in yet another cup from my china cabinet...this cute cupcake bear was born, late one lonely Thursday evening.  Yeah...funny...go figure?
I then needed her to have a purpose...and since a baby shower invite just came in the mail...for both Sweet Emma and myself...I sifted through my antique hankies and made a dedication shawl.
I looked through a lot of verses...This baby will live VERY far away from me...and I won't get to love on her personally, unless I make a transcontinental flight...the extra work was SO worth it.  I'm also glad that they are highly unlikely to look at my blog so I'm free to share my delight with this project early before it's official reveal!
I especially love her belly button...
...and ribbed sweater face!  Awe!  I sure hope she's loved 'til pieces fall off!!
Coming soon...Cheeky Nappies by Emma...her contribution to the baby shower.  Straight lines are great for beginners.  Pray for me...she's a leftie...but she's highly motivated.  It should work out!!  I'm so excited for a little sewing buddy.  I think I'll set her up on Ingrid while I sew on Jazelle! 

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Anonymous said...

Can't wait to see the first Emma nappies!! Love, Grandma D.