Monday, August 10, 2009


I love campfires! Even though these days we have them while it's still daylight so that the kids are awake to enjoy them too! Oh well, whatcha gonna do else?
Big bucket of water handy...and the hose is behind me! No Dad is very safe! Not to mention the fact that people jumped about a six feet in the air any time the kiddos got remotely close to the flames.
Whoops...thought I flipped this pic...oh well, I'm not redoing all turn your head! Emma lovin' on Grandpa Denny! Awww!
Enjoying the one wanted marshmallows...humph!

I told Loverbrains to take some pictures of I could actually be on my blog. So, he videos me in a squat....lovely! I know, I know...I say on here that it'll never make the blog...but the splashin' little man was so stinkin' cute...I just had to give in and post it!

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Teresa @ Grammy Girlfriend said...

Your header is absolutley adorable...What a great blog.