Saturday, September 12, 2009

Discovery in the Waiting...

I haven't been as good about blogging as I thought I'd be this week.

I've discovered that I am not cut out for single any way, shape or form. I'm very happy that this is true. We are not complete without "the DadE."

I've discovered my whimsy comes from my security. I had visions of multi blogs floating in my head...with many little faces and cutenesses. I did get some good shots...but mostly I just muddled my way through.

I've discovered I can't sleep well without my fact, I've thought about recording the sound of his breathing for the next trip...cuz it's just too quiet!

I've discovered that toddlers just miss DadE...they don't really get the whole phone concept. It's strange.. if you can hear his voice...where is he anyway?

I've discovered how much I really love my man...and how much I take for granted. I feel in a strange way that I'm falling in love all over again. He write me long e-mails...and I love that.

I've discovered (okay, remembered) how much I detest taking out the garbage...ugh, it's heavy and stinky...ewwww! Speaking of which I better stop telling you what I've discovered and go haul the dog gone things to the shed.

Keep praying for us...two more sleeps until we see DadE...Lord willing, and the plane flies right...

(Awesome button graphic at top is from All You Have To Give...she rocks!)

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